Management Systems

Health & Safety Management Systems

W.K & M.A Ferguson Pty Ltd conducts all its activities in a manner that the health and safety of its employees, third parties and the public are protected .

It is the policy and a major objective of W.K & M.A Ferguson Pty Ltd to maintain a safe work Environment. Management is committed to the principles of Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management to promote the protection of personnel, property and the environment.

W.K & M.A Ferguson Pty Ltd considers that no aspect of its operation is more important than elimination of hazardous environments in the work place and practicing safe work methods.

We acknowledge our responsibilities and obligations under the laws of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 and to comply with the requirements of the Act. We shall provide a working environment that is safe and healthy as far as practicable by:

  • Providing a safe and healthy workplace.
  • Providing and maintaining safe plant & equipment and systems of work.
  • Provide adequate facilities for all employees.
  • Provide the appropriate work attire and personal protective equipment.
  • Provide appropriate safety and work related training.
  • Provide competent and trained employees to perform the tasks.
  • Provide information and supervision for all employees.
  • Encouraging employee involvement in day to day work planning decisions.

We value the worth of our employees and subcontractors as an integral part of our business. Safety is our number one priority and we do not consider any project or work task successful unless it is completed without harm to any of our employees and/or third parties and the environment.

Occupational Health and Safety is present at all stages of operations from Project estimating, planning purchasing through to completion.

Regardless of the size of the job, adequate planning will be done to ensure the safety of our employees, third parties, the public and the environment. We monitor and update our work methods so we constantly improve our Occupational Health, Safety & Environmental performance.

All personnel are responsible for using safe work practices and following safety instructions, rule guidelines with purpose and intent to maintain a safe and healthy work environment for themselves and others.

Management, Staff and Contractors are to be committed to, and accountable for Prevention of accidents and unsafe work environments in all areas of responsibility.

We have the following operational procedure manuals:

  • Occupational Health Safety & Environmental Manual.
  • Site Safety Induction Plan.
  • Safe work method Statements.
  • Project environmental management Plan.
  • Project Safety Plan.
  • Quality Assurance Australian Standards ISO 9001

HSE Policy Statement

WK & MA Ferguson Pty Ltd Occupational Health Safety & Environmental Policy is reviewed regularly as a part of our Quality Assurance System and is signed off by the Executive Management Team.

Quality Assurance

Details of Controls

We are continually reviewing and developing JSA’s, Risk Assessments, Safe Work Method Statements and Quality Assured Work Instructions related to all aspects of our activities.

Competency Assurance

W.K & M.A Ferguson Pty Ltd have a complete and active Quality Assurance System as per Australian Standards ISO 9001 that is operational through all of our Company Activities. We are continually reviewing and developing required Quality Assured documents.